I currently teach four courses at Erasmus School of Law

  • Rechtsfilosofie (link)
  • Fiscaal Confrontatievak (link)
  • Normative Jurisprudence (link)
  • Research Skills Seminar Legal Theory (link)

Apart from these full courses, I give guest lectures and workshops on a wide variety of subjects in legal philosophy and legal research methods.

At Queen Mary University of London, I have taught the LLM/ MaRes course Jurisprudence A. Studying Law and Morality in a Pluralist Context.


Previously taught courses include:

Since 2008: Erasmus School of Law

  • Bachelor Thesis Methods Track
  • Multicultural Society and the Democratic Rechtsstaat
  • Research lab: Law and the Multicultural Society

1995-2008: Tilburg University
Research School for Legislative Studies

  • Jurisprudence (Ph.D. courses)
  • Interdisciplinary study of law (Ph.D. course/ Research master, course in English)

Law School

  • Jurisprudence 2 (introductory course)
  • Law and Society
  • Legal Theory and Legal Philosophy 2: Law and Ethics (course in English)

1986-1994: Utrecht University
Departments of Philosophy and Theology (combined graduate courses):

  • Normative Theory 1 and 2
  • Political Theory 1 and 2
  • Bioethics 1 and 2
  • Morality and Rationality
  • Morality, Law and Public Policy

Department of Social Sciences

  • Practical Philosophy: Civil disobedience
  • Practical Philosophy: Morality, law and public policy

Department of Biology

  • Bioethics and Environmental Ethics

Department of Philosophy

  • Introduction to Philosophical Ethics (introductory course)

Research School Practical Philosophy, Ph.D. Summerschool

  • Ethics in Theory and Practice