Canadian guest lectures at ESL

Two Canadian human rights experts to give guest lectures at ESL

Professor Audrey Macklin (University of Toronto) and Professor Richard Moon (University of Windsor) will visit ESL from 18 to 20 February to give guest lectures. These lectures are open to all.

Audrey Macklin is professor of human rights law and specialized in transnational migration, citizenship, and forced migration (for a full profile, see:

Richard Moon is one of the foremost experts on the Canadian human rights charter, specializing in freedom of expression and freedom of conscience and religion (for a full profile, see:

Audrey Macklin’s lecture takes place on 18 February from 13:00–15:00 (venue: C1-1). She will discuss deportation of long-term permanent residents cases in the light of article 12 (right to enter and remain in one’s own country) and article 17 (family/private life) of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. (This lecture is part of the course on human rights.)

Richard Moon gives 2 public lectures:
– “Religion as the subject of hate speech”. This guest lecture takes place on 19 February from 11.00-13.00 (venue: LB-077). (Part of the course legal philosophy).
– “The Myth of Balancing Rights.” This guest lecture takes place on 20 February from 11:00-13:00 (venue: CB-2). (This lecture is part of the course on human rights.)

Richard Moon and Audrey Macklin will visit the Erasmus School of Law on the invitation of the expert group Law in the Multicultural Society, which is funded by an NWO-grant. For further information contact Jeroen Temperman (temperman [at] or Wibren van der Burg (vanderburg [at]

Wibren van der Burg & Jeroen Temperman